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Overcoming brand protection challenges

Laava Fingerprints

  • Simple to verify – No App Required
  • For a demo, go to scan.laava.id from any mobile device and scan
  • Consumer spending is shifting from products to experiences
  • Consumers want to know where their products come from & how they were made
    • Each Fingerprint is unique
  • Fingerprints are generated and matched on the secure Laava platform
  • Checked against intelligent business rules
  • Consumers get instant Genuine or Suspicious responses, also alerting the brand owner
  • Brand engagement data & stories can be incorporated into the Genuine response, such as product and batch details, competitions, exclusive offers, sustainability stories, etc.
    • Quick and easy implementation
  • Millions of Fingerprints can be generated and downloaded daily
  • Laava drag and drop editor allows consumer engagement stories to be created and changed easily as required by the brand owner
  • Variable data such as product and batch details can be easily integrated into the landing page via a simple CSV file or directly integrated using APIs

  • Proven technology
  • Smart fingerprints
  • Product authenticity
  • Trusted gateway
  • Global brand protection